About Zzzero?


ZZzero ApS is a Danish company which was founded by technology developers, management, EnergiMidt A/S and Østjysk Innovation A/S. Our development takes place in Denmark. Most suppliers are Danish and our production process and quality control are guided and controlled by Danish expertise.

We have more than 25 years of expertise and experience in the design of electronics, implementation, testing and approvals, documentation, and manufacturing.

Our products have all necessary approvals and meets your requirements. Our partners and subcontractors comply with all necessary certifications and approvals.


What is said about us - and what have we achieved?

Energy conservation and global perspectives are always interesting topics. Therefore, ZZzero gained a lot of media attention – especially due to an exciting technology and a large global potential.
 In 2013 the company was awarded the innovation award “Tornado Storm” in Denmark by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education and the Council for Technology and Innovation. The prize was awarded based on ZZzeros technological perspectives: elimination of Standby Power globally, thereby reducing CO2 emissions :

“ZZzero makes it easy for consumers to change their habits and have the opportunity to save a lot of money each year. (The technology) Zero is an excellent example of an energy technology which is user friendly, competitive, energy efficient, while at the same time meets future energy needs and environmental requirements.”


In 2012 ZZzero was selected for the growth program “Clean Tech Partnership”, and won the program. The program offers the most exciting new Danish Clean-Tech companies, which lends itself to creating export and growth potential for Denmark. The program also aimed to establish links between business operators and large companies for cooperation and commercial synergies.
ZZzero won the program and was then elected to a presentation for Springboard in Silicon Valley, USA. The company and the technology received much interest and specific contacts.

 In 2011 the company was selected to participate in the growth program “Accelerace” and won the program. The program is intended, primarily via foreign knowledge capabilities, to prepare the company to make the commercial potential visible to investors and business partners nationally and internationally. Venture capital also judges the companies’ potential and opportunities.


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