What is standby power?

Standby consumption is the power that the device uses, even if you have “turned off” on the unit’s own switch and do not use the device. The reason for standby consumption is device functions that run all the time without use (eg. Clock or program monitoring features,) and power loss in power supplies. Almost all devices have standby consumption – they are constantly ready with power. Standby is often a real “power thief”.

Standby consumption is due partly to power supplies poor efficiency and quality, as well as the way the electrical device is constructed. Standby power waste, often results in heat, which is pure waste.


What are the environmental consequences of standby power waste?

1% of all global CO2 emissions are caused by standby power, and 10-15% of total household electricity consumption is composed of standby power.
By reducing the standby power do YOU very quickly and effectively contribute to improve the world’s environment!


How much does standby power waste?

A typical family in Denmark, uses approximately between 270-337 EUR (£250 – $400) annually on standby power. Companies spend significantly more.


How can I limit my standby consumption?

You can turn off on the main switch for your devices. Then you need to turn it on again when you need to use them.
But you can also use ZZzeros products – where you do not turn off the main contacts and you have savings without losing convenience!


What is the legislation regarding standby power?

EU – Commission has a strong focus on the area and has legislated for allowed value via COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No. 1275/2008 of 17 December 2008.
This means that the standby consumption of new appliances should not exceed 0.5 W. This is a difficult limit for most appliances. Typically, the devices in Danish households, such as printers, modems and television, are between 3 – 15 W in standby power consumption.
Many manufacturers are unfortunately not up to date on these requirements.

ZZzero’s technology can solve the problem once and for all – our technology dissolves standby consumption to “zero” for the device!
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